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Did you join us for the 2012 4 Gifts blog series?


If not, here’s a quick rundown on what it’s all about..


A blog series to help simplify your holiday shopping and to keep it easy on the wallet.
Keep reading and join us, will you? We’d love to have you.

Here’s how it all started for us….One day a few years back, some friends are I were talking about the overwhelming-ness of holiday gifts.  My friend Shel mentioned that every year, she and her husband subscribe to a purchasing philosophy that makes it so much easier.  I knew just then that something had to change. We had already changed how much we spent on the kids (We’re not big spenders. We don’t buy into going into debt for the holidays. and we’d rather save for family experiences that build memories instead of material “stuff”). Because its so fabulous, I’d love to share it with you!


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4 Gifts

-something you want
-something you need
-something to wear
-something to read


Here’s how it works..
Everyone gets 1, maybe 2 things (depending on price) in each category. That way, no one ends up with things they don’t need or want or anything excessive.  And, if they really need clothes or shoes or whatnot, it makes for a great excuse to give them that as one of their gifts. One of my favorite things about the 4 Gifts is that our kids are learning that christmas doesn’t have to be about receiving a ton of gifts. They’re learning to be grateful for what they have and what they’re given, which is a gift in and of itself.


Here’s where the blog series comes in..


Each Wednesday (Alyson, a few other bloggers and I) will be posting gifts ideas for two of the above categories. I’ll be posting gifts for myself, my husband, and my 3 kids. My birthday is 2 days before christmas, so its always hard deciding what to put on my wish lists, and this year, with my kids being older, its getting harder and harder. It’s up to you who your posts are about.. yourself, the kids, your husband, other family members, etc!


Our goal is for this to be a great way to gather some ideas for gifts this holiday season. I can’t wait to see everyone’s ideas and am so hopeful that we can share with our kids that it’s not about how many presents are under the tree, but instead about being grateful for the ones that are there. The bonus? Sticking to a budget and not overspending (something I am passionate about when it comes to christmas!)


Will you be joining us?
Alyson and I would love to have you link up. If you do, please use the hashtag #4gifts on twitter, facebook, google+ and instagram!

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