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I am sure that some people are thinking, “huh?”. Because let’s face it…I am not a style blogger. I am no fashionista.  Buuuut what I can say is that, unless I am cleaning the house or working out, I am pretty put together. Heck, for what its worth (if its worth anything), I was voted Best Dressed in my MOMS Club® (I was also voted Best Housekeeper, but that’s for another day).

Without further ado, I bring you my 5 tips:

It may be the latest trend, but it doesn’t mean that you have to embrace it if its not ‘you’.

That goes for anything…from blazers, to skinny jeans, to high waisted jeans, to belting everything, to fedoras.  If you don’t feel comfortable in your outfit, then don’t wear it. Don’t buy it.  You can’t look good if you don’t feel confident.

For instance, I think the high waisted jeans look super cute on some girls.  Mostly, those with a ruler figure.  If you look like this in them, don’t do it (and I do. so I don’t.)

But please, no mom jeans. Get rid of them if they are hiding in your closet from 1990. I don’t care if your goal is to fit back into them. They should never resurface. Thank you.  Buy jeans that flatter your figure.  Invest in them if you must. Make sure they are comfortable.  Get a second opinion.

It does not have to be fancy to be fashionable.

Let’s face it. While I may be perfectly comfortable wearing a skirt to a park or a BBQ at someone’s house, some gals are just not cut out for it. They’re more jeans-and-tees kinda gals. But that does not make them any less fashionable than you or I.  The key is to wear jeans that fit and to wear a tee with a good cut to it (girls…throw out those Hanes Beefy Tees unless you are using them to wear as painting clothes!!). And remember, take a good look at your tees every year. Toss them out and buy new if they are discolored or stained. You can always find a good deal on basic tees (and tanks) at places like Target, Kohls, Old Navy, H&M, and Forever 21.

{shirt:F21 , shorts: Old Navy, belt: Aeropostale-came w/ some jeans, necklace: Bonhomie Jewlery}

On the subject of bras…

If you think your bra may show, then it will. Wearing white? Wear a nude bra (a bra closest to your skin tone).  Don’t wear a white bra.

But first and foremost, treat yourself to a bra fitting once a year.

Most major department stores do them for free, as long as you make an appointment.  I usually go to Macy’s, just because they carry a large selection of a  brand that I love (Wacoal) and Macy’s is less than 5 min from me.  Based on my personal experiences with that large chain named after a lady we’ll call Vicky, who had a secret, I do not recommend them. Maybe they have some people, somewhere, who are good? But I’ve yet to find them. I have had so many ill-fittings from them, rushed fittings, badly made bras…you name it. I had one sales girl tell me that a 32B (my size at one point) was the same as (i think) a 34A.  Not so much. When you are 32″ around, you’re 32″ around. That’s why there are mfg. who make 32B bras.  Someone schooled in fitting will explain to you how a bra should fit and spend a lot of time with you making sure you find a bra or bras that fit you perfectly.  And then? Replace them when they stretch out.  Your ta-tas will thank you.


Don’t worry about the Joneses.

I am a frugal shopper.  I follow a ton of fashion blogs, but mainly, its to figure out how to work what I’ve got.  I don’t shop a lot (my husband may try and refute that statement, but its relative).  Yes, looking good is very important to me. But I try hard to look good with what I’ve got, and only fill in the cracks here and there.  If its trendy, I try and only buy from resale shops or from cheap stores, like Target, H&M, Kohl’s, Charlotte Russe, and Forever 21.  I have 3 kids and I have to balance those priorities.  I am not talking about clothes for them — they’re cheap. I am talking about activities.  Do you know how much it costs to enroll 3 kids in a soccer league? 2 in a baseball league? 1 in weekly jiu jitsu? 1 in gymnastics (chaaaa-ching)? And weekly piano lessons for all 3? And the yearly passes for the pool, the science museum, and the zoo? Let’s not forget the umpteen birthday parties they’re invited to.  Oh – and their college fund. Because by then, it will probably cost as much as a Bentlely.  Kids. Are. Expensive. So back to my point…when you have all that, it leaves a small budget that needs to be stretched for clothes!  So I try not to get into that mentality of, “oh I want that! She has that!”  I really try and assess what I need in order to maximize what I already have.  And also? Dresses. If you like them, they are really a girl’s BFF.  Comfy, they let the air flow in the hot summer, and you’re only paying for 1 piece to clothe yourself. Score!!

{tunic:American Rag-consignment (similar), leggings: Target, sandals: Target, necklace: Funky Vintage Lovely}


{shirt: Candie’s-Kohl’s, skirt: Gap- Goodwill (similar), sandals: Target, bracelets: F21, sunnies: Anthropologie}

Embrace accessories.

I was never a huge accessory gal once I became a SAHM.  And then, one day, I bought a necklace to go with a casual outfit at American Eagle and that flipped a switch for me.  A simple accessory, like earrings or a necklace or some bracelets, can totally make an outfit.  It need not be fancy or expensive.  You can DIY.  You can get vintage at consignment or Goodwill or from your grandma.  Forever 21 and Charlotte Russe have some of the best accessories for just mere dollars.  And ETSY is ah-mazing.  Back to the tshirt and jeans (above)…add some accessories and voila! Or add some funky boots or cute wedges or fun ballet flats or embellished flip flops? Boring becomes beautiful. It looks like you put effort into it, when really? You didn’t. That’s awesome.


{skirt: Kohls (similar), tank: Target, necklace: Cookie Lee (similar), ballet flats: Kohls (similar), cardigan: Twelve by Twelve (a F21 brand), consignment}


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