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Back in October, I posted about embarking on the task of remodeling bathroom #2.  Nine (long) months later, I am thrilled to be sharing it with you. I am pleased as punch with how it has turned out.

Before we began, my husband remarked that this bathroom would surely take both less time and less money than the bathroom we had just finished. I smirked and reminded him that it always takes twice as long and twice as much money. Especially when you’re dealing with almost 90 year old plumbing and electrical and whatnot.

Guess who was right?

So anyway, here’s what we started with

old bathroom

And here are some photos from the demo. We completely gutted it, tearing down the plaster and lathe (what a mess), discovering some old newspaper in the walls used as insulation, the old window weights still in the wall, and yup…a giant hole in the floor under the tile (that didn’t freak me out at all).
Just check out that plumbing and electrical. Dang.

bathroom Collage


And here’s the end result
Bathroom Remodel Main-1

I looked at tile until my eyes were spinning. And when it came down to it, I only liked the marble tile. Thankfully, this space is so tiny that we were able to do it.
Bathroom Remodel Main-2

We had an outlet placed in the closet so that we could finally have a place to charge our toothbrushes
Bathroom Remodel Main-3

I was inspired by this closet I saw on Thrifty Decor Chick
Bathroom Remodel Main-4

I was not impressed with any of the vanities that I was finding in the big box stores, so I went back to the drawing board and found a new style on pinterest. One we could design + build ourselves. So we had the carpenter build it using pine bought at Lowe’s. And I love it.

Bathroom Remodel Main-5

Sure, it does get dusty. However, I love the clean look of exposed plumbing and not being able to hard anything in the bathroom because its all out there for everyone to see.
Bathroom Remodel Main-6

For a light fixture, I knew I wanted a barn light look with an edison bulb. To keep costs down, I went with an outdoor light. And since we wanted the frame of the mirror to match the vanity, we made that, as well, using this tutorial on Shanty2Chic. I will, however, mention that the Command Strips aren’t holding up their end of the bargain. I think we’ll need to find another solution for securing it to the wall. Drat.
Bathroom Remodel Main-7

Bathroom Remodel Main-8

I was pretty adamant that I did not want to get rid of our large, very deep cast iron tub. Even if you replace it with a new cast iron tub, the new ones don’t retain heat as well as the old ones. And removal of them is a bitch, to put it bluntly. So instead, we had it refinished. And it looks gorgeous. Of course, it wasn’t in terrible shape to begin with. It was mostly missing the finish on it.
Bathroom Remodel Main-9

The one thing I didn’t map out ahead of time? Where we’d hang the towels. Whoops. So for now, they hang on the door. Not ideal, but it will do. Speaking of the door, in order to accommodate a 48″ vanity in such a tiny space, we had the swing of the door changed from inward to outward. Initially, we had wanted a sliding barn door. But after consulting with the carpenter, we found that its not an ideal style door for one that gets opened + closed repeatedly throughout the day.
Bathroom Remodel Main-10

The previous bathroom door (this one. which still needs to be sanded and painted) had mismatched hardware on it, likely from the 60’s update. Chris found this knob at a street market in New Orleans years ago, knowing that we’d eventually switch out the knob to match our other doors. However, I still need to find a plate to match those in the house.
Bathroom Remodel Main-11

I can’t believe how much time I spent on this bathroom, merely finding the pieces of the puzzle that fit together. And as you can see, its still not fully done. I need to do something with the window. And I want to find/make a piece of art for above the toilet. And I have to find a plate – that matches the rest of the ones in the house- to go around the door knob. But for all intents and purposes, we are done. And it feels great.

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