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Easy Peasy DIY Shirt


There are tutorials everywhere for this kind of thing. So I’ll add to the million more and post another.

I wanted to make Norah a valentines shirt and she wanted it to involve glitter.

Enter glitter fabric paint! Woot! I used Tulip Soft Glitter paint because that’s what brand the store carries.

The only other things you need are freezer paper, a ruler, scissors, and an iron. Oh, and a shirt.
Oh – and your paint sponge thingey (what are they called?)
I had give my sister in law my cricut cartridges to test out, otherwise I’d have just cut a row of hearts on the freezer paper that way. But since I didn’t have them, I cut out my stencil on freezer paper.
Once I had them cut, I figured out my rough positioning and ironed a strip of freezer paper to the inside of the shirt so that my paint would not bleed through.
After that was complete, I pulled out my ruler and did some precise measurements (only because I do not trust my eyeballs) and ironed on my stencils, making sure all the corners were good and adhered.
I started painting by dabbing it on in thicker globs, and then smoothed it out with strokes. I let it dry for about 30 min and added a second coat. After that, I let it dry for about an hour and peeled off my freezer paper. Then I let it dry for 48 hours before she wore it.


She loves it. She wants me to make a bunch more – polka dots, words, and whatnot.


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Calling All Crafting Goddesses



Are you one? Or do you desire to be one? Or perhaps you just want to devour some cupcakes with girlfriends.  Why not?

Alyson and Meagan are planning a Fairy Fabulous Crafting Slumber Party and y’all should check it out!!!  Go to the blog for complete details!

Registration for the craft weekend opens up on Monday, March 5th at noon, so don’t wait!



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crafty valentines for kids


My kids made their valentines this year, as they do most years.  I pinned a few ideas and then asked them to pick from those.  Here’s what they chose.


Owl Valentines

Give a hoot valentine, for my owl obsessed daughter, found here.

She picked out the paper colors and I traced the owl pattern and used a circle punch to do the eyes. She cut the owl out, drew on the face and eyes, glued the eyes on, and wrote cute, owl-y sayings on them.  I used my x-acto knife to cut the slots for the pencils and inserted them so that the cardstock wouldn’t rip.


Glow stick valentines

Glow stick valentines, for my 4th grader, found here.

Simple free printable that I did some simple editing to in Photoshop (4th grade boys do NOT want their valentines to say ‘love’). All he had to do was cut them out and sign them and bag them in cello bags (we found that was the easiest solution, as they wouldn’t stay attached).

bouncey ball valentines

Bouncy ball valentine, found here.

Another easy peasy free printable that the boy had to simply cut out and sign. He did the bagging, I did the stapling.

Check out some of these other fun ideas I pinned for Valentines Day (crafts, decor, foods, cards, etc).  I bigfatpuffyheart Pinterest!!!


Happy Valentines Day!

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Winter Handmade Gift Exchange


I participated in the Craftaholics Anon exchange. Did you?

It was so much fun last time, both trying to come up with something I thought someone would like and also, waiting for a mysterious handmade gift to arrive!  So I did it again!

Here’s what I crafted up for my partner
chevron pendant

a glass chevron pendant

grey cabochon

a grey cabochon pendant

Rolled rose ring in cocoa

a petite cocoa rolled rose ring

holiday rolled rose hairclip

and a little something for her daughter…a holiday rolled rose hair clip (that i photo’d badly)

I hope she likes them!!!!


While I was at it, I made this one for my little gal.  She was giddy to get it…its GREEN and its got her name on it!

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Happy Halloween!


This halloween, I set out to make the kids costumes.  The minute I saw this owl costume on Pinterest, I knew I had to make it. I also knew that with Norah’s current obsession with owls, she’d have no problem being an owl. Thankfully, Alphamom and Pure Joy Events made it easy for me to make this cute owl and to customize it the way I saw fit.
Little Owl


I did not, however, bank on my 9 year old asking to be a stick of dynamite.  Great imagination, bud! But dang…there is nothing on Pinterest to work with, inspiration-wise! Thanks to a little help from my Facebook friends and to a 50% off felt sale at Joann, I made this TNT costume for Aidan in about 30 minutes, complete with a hat that has a wick and flame.

And then there was poor Elliott. He wanted to be an Angry Bird.  While I have nothing against those cute little birds (I love that addictive game), it wasn’t all that original and also, I ran out of costume making time. Sorry, sweetie. Mama sucks.  I asked him what his second choice was, to which he immediately replied, “GHOST!”

Thanks again to some 50% off felt (cheaper than a sheet!) and a little makeup.


Trick or Treat! From our house to yours!!


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