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Staying on track with JORD wood watches


Jord Wood Watches-8

We’ve entered the busy season of life where carving out time for one-on-one time with my children gets harder and harder. Despite that, I still try and find bits and pieces of time to do it, as its so important. Not only do I feel that it helps strengthen our bond together, I feel it helps ward off negative behaviors (early on, it was attention grabbing behaviors. now its moreso jealousy of other siblings). I also think it helps us get to really know them and gives them an avenue to confide in you, when the dinner table may not be the place they feel comfortable. And by doing something that really peaks their interest, whether it be reading at the library, biking around the neighborhood, or what have you, it shows them that we value them.

My 12 year old daughter, in particular, prefers shopping (even if its window shopping) and coffee dates to activity. Go figure (maybe its because she works out 16+ hours a week?). But I left it up to her that Sunday afternoon that her brothers were with my husband. As we left the house, she already had an extra skip in her step.

Jord Wood Watches-15

When I do get the time to go on a date, I try and make sure that I am not habitually checking my phone. Because my phone functions as a clock, when I would go to check the time, there were times that I have been distracted by a notification and then…whoops…its precious minutes later. Minutes that surely could have waited. So when presented with the opportunity to review a wood watch from JORD, I jumped at the chance, with the thinking that if I had a watch, I wouldn’t have to dig my phone out of my purse at all. (Its been 13 years since I’ve worn a watch!)

My watch arrived, packaged carefully in this beautiful little wood crate.
Jord Wood Watches-2

Jord Wood Watches-3

Jord Wood Watches-9

The watch I chose was the Ely in dark sandalwood and it was even more gorgeous in person than on the site.
Jord Wood Watches-16

I have to admit, it took some time getting used to wearing a watch again. Not so much the feeling of it, but the habit of checking it, versus checking my phone. But after a few days, it became like second nature. And so far, after wearing it for a week, I’ve gotten compliments on it daily! And as a bonus, it coordinates so well with all my existing accessories.
Jord Wood Watches-5

My wood watch from JORD is a gorgeous piece of jewelry that anyone would appreciate. And given the time of year, I’ll admit that it would make a wonderful holiday gift for that special someone, as well. And yes, they have them for men, too.

Jord Wood Watches-12

Ladies Wooden Watches

shirt- Anthro | watch- Jord | hat- F21 | bracelets- Macy’s | necklace- Banana Republic | Sunglasses- Sak’s Off 5th

I was given this watch in exchange for a review. All thoughts an opinions are mine. No compensation was given.

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The perfect black jogger


Athleta moved into a mall about 5 min from my house a little less than a year ago, and I’ve been loving their store ever since. Prior to their arrival, I paid little to no attention to their catalogue when it would arrive, mainly due to the price tags on the items in it. I am a bit frugal when it comes to clothing. However, once I got to touch the fabric and try on the items, I fell in love.

Specifically, I fell in love with their sports bras, the Asana tank (I have it in multiple colors…its such a flattering cut), and the City Pant. But for some reason, I couldn’t bring myself to pay $80 for a pair of joggers. That was last summer. I spent months searching other stores for similar pairs and nothing fit like the City Pant did. They were all droopy in the butt or would get saggy knees, or were just generally ill fitting. I finally decided that since I still was in love with them months later, the cost was justifiable. And I bought them. And I love love love them. They are so soft and stretchy and can be worn dressed up or down. I would think nothing of dressing these up at night with some heels and jewelry and wearing them out. This particular outfit, dressed down and paired with the Athleta Essence Low Arm tank, was worn for a day out walking the dog and duckpin bowling with my kids.



I feel the need to mention that I don’t have back fat. Even though it looks like I do. I don’t know what is going on. But I guess I am vain enough that I need to mention it.


This post in no way is affiliated with or sponsored by Athleta. I just felt the need to express my love for their product.

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My Fitness Edit


For many years, I went through life wearing whatever to the gym. To me, it wasn’t important. Afterall, I was there to sweat. But gradually, my mindset began to change. I purchased a few cute pieces from discount stores like Target, Old Navy, and TJ Maxx. Some were great, some…not so much. I can’t tell you the number of items I’ve donated because the pants ended up being ill-fitting (nothing like having to pull up your pants every 2 minutes) or the bras were not supportive enough for my post-breastfeeding girls.
That’s when I decided to start investing in some nice workout wear. It may sound strange on the surface, but really, it makes all the sense. Why?

Because I am all about efficiency. If I am out and at the gym, it only makes sense to run to the grocery store afterwards. Albiet sweaty, at least I look cute in my workout clothes.
Wantable Fitness Edit-6

Because it motivates me to work out. Seriously. My lounge at home clothes cannot be my workout clothes. And being excited to wear something cute to the gym? Sure…its a small motivating factor.

Because its comfortable. It doesn’t bunch, move, sag, fall down, gap, or anything else when you’re working out. There’s nothing worse than stopping what you’re doing to readjust.
Wantable Fitness Edit-3

Recently, Wantable came out with a Fitness Edit. Much like the highly popular Stitch Fix, its a try-before-you-buy program where, after you fill out a style quiz and then you’re sent 5 items. You’re charged a $20 styling fee, which is applied towards the items you choose to keep. If you keep 3-4 of the items, there’s a 20% discount. If you keep all 5, the discount is 30%. All items are generally between $30-$70, which is in line with the popular workout fashion stores

Once I submitted my quiz and my request, my edit arrived very quickly.
Wantable Fitness Edit-2-2

Wantable Fitness Edit-3-2

I loved the detailing on this black tank. It gives a plain black tank a little something extra.
Wantable Fitness Edit-5

However, I put down XS as my size and, as you can see, this came up short in the chest area. Guess I need to size up.
Wantable Fitness Edit-4
I also loved those gray NUX flash capris- they were almost like a super light compression tight. Again, I had put down XS, but these were just a bit too tight. I am going to be a bit frank…they gave me camel toe. And that’s no bueno.

But these cobra leggings?
Wantable Fitness Edit-2

These were perfect. I love them. A lot.
Wantable Fitness Edit-4-2

While I may not have kept everything, I’d say that this was a win. I’ll definitely be trying the Wantable Fitness Edit again. And its fun to get a surprise in the mail, is it not?

Disclaimer: I received product from Wantable, but the opinions are all my own.

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Holiday party (dress) season


The holidays season is upon us and along with that usually comes holiday parties. If you’re anything like me, it also means that its time to bust out one of your many LBDs and and your dancing shoes. However, this year, I decided I had enough of the black and it was time to buy a new dress. Little did I know what headache that would bring me!

After many headaches and failed attempts at the mall, I headed to Anthropologie where I decided to try using the personal shopper. Why I didn’t utilize this beautiful option prior to this, I have no clue. Not only did she help me find a dress that flattered my figure, but she helped me pick jewelry and shoes and even told me what specific hose to wear (because let’s face it…this is Wisconsin and its like 10 degrees out. No bare legs look good at that temperature).

I settles on the Water Garden dress by Leifsdottir. Never in my life did I think I’d be wearing a dress that had a floral pattern! Or a dress that looks so grown up!

I had this wrap already that I bought from Banana Republic last holiday season.

While she did suggest jewelry and shoes, to keep my budget in check, I found similar earrings and bracelet at Macy’s at a lower price point. I am absolutely in love with these weightless onyx crystal Rachel Roy earrings. I rarely wear earrings because the weight of them gives me a headache. But not these…I’ve already worn them 4 times since then. My shoes (not pictured because I am not a fashion blogger and really suck at taking these pics) are just a classic black pump.



And to share, some of the contenders in the dress search…..
anthro dress Collage holiday dress Collage
clockwise from L to R:
Icepleat Maxi Dress via Anthro (I felt like a Greek Goddess. But it was too big. I needed a petite and they didn’t have any.)
Overture Tulle Sheath via Anthro (Runner up. The fit was amazing!)
Rubied Lace Dress via Anthro (Omg. So itchy and scratchy!)
Sugarplum Dreams outfit via The Limited (skirt was totally ill-fitting and the color did nothing for me)
Shimmered Monarch Skirt via Anthro (No. I felt like an old lady and the skirt was not a flattering fit)
Mona Dress via Anthro (the fit was amazing. The fabric was too delicate and I knew it wouldn’t last. Plus I felt like it was more office-y than party)
Isobel Midi Dress via Anthro (This dress is seriously amazingly gorgeous. Photos don’t do justice. But here in winter, there’s a chance the top will get covered up with a wrap. And if that happens, then the dress is no longer so amazing. Its just a very expensive black dress.)

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the weekend at a glimpse


This weekend was the opening weekend for our town’s seasonal farmer’s market. My crew was ready and willing to head out with me at 8am when I promised them fresh apple cider donuts from one of the farmers that is there each year.


We perused all the booths, drooling over the gorgeous produce, the kids sampling lots of meats from the farms and baked goods from the bakeries.

I had an eye opening moment when I tried a cold brew from a new local roaster. I didn’t even need cream or sweetner (first time ever!). It was amazing. Blew my mind amazing.

Once a month, the farmer’s market hosts a Maker’s Market, where local handmade vendors get to come and sell their things. The kids gravitated toward the funny, while I picked up some soy wax melts and soaps and checked out some jewelry and whatnot.


From local foods and wares to local foods of a different sort… I joined some friends for dinner at a restaurant downtown that grows their own herbs on site and then has a several acre farm off-site where they grow the rest of their produce. Its kind of a family style, where they recommend each person to choose 2 dishes and you share them. We chose some amazing dishes, including a roasted mushroom bruschetta, with shallot, chive, brussels sprout kraut, + truffle oil, an asparagus, mozzarella, guanciale, parmesan, + basil pizza topped with a slow-poached egg, wood roasted asparagus with smoked tomato coulis + spiced millet, and house-made chicken sausage, foraged ramps, spring onion, wild mushroom, cedar grove willi cheese among the dishes. There are things in there I ate that I would normally not touch with a 10 ft pole. But I was encouraged to have a bite and be adventurous by my dining companions. And you know what? I loved all of it. WHAT??
I wish I had taken photos of the delicious dishes. But I was with people who would have thought I was extremely odd (given the look I got when I took a photo of my cocktail). But before I went out, I got my child to take a photo of my outfit. Because…new white jeans! They fit! Props to the Loft for having them 40% off.


top: Anthropologie | jeans: Loft

Are you adventurous when it comes to trying foods out of your comfort zone? If you do, is the outcome usually positive?

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