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tell me you’ll be my lonely valentine


{that was my shout-out to Bruce Springsteen, yo. i am no bruno mars fan}

Happy Lovers Day!

Earlier this week, I asked if and how you celebrate.  So now I ask…are you a card maker? Or purchaser-er?
Frankly, I don’t think it matters, either way. Because they end up in the trash regardless. Well, unless you are a hoarder. then you have other issues. I kid. Kind of. (clutter of any kind makes me twitchy. and if you hoard everything, nothing becomes special anymore. that’s my theory). I digress.

I enjoy making the kids valentines.  Scratch that. I mostly print them and assemble them. We used to make them. Now we find a cute idea on Pinterest and go with it.  These mustache valentines? My 9 year old daughter found on Pinterest and pinned to her Valentines board (which was right next to her ‘Neon’ board. seriously.)


Printables from Shanty 2 Chic and Plum Adorable

Aidan’s 5th grade class did something different. They were given pre-printed cards with each student’s name (and the 3 5th grade teachers) on them. And they were instructed to write a personalized note to each student.  So I took those and stapled them to treat bags filled with Jolly Ranchers (his request).


Here are some of our crafty valentines from the past years (some I couldn’t find photos of):


Sources on those crafts found in this post.

I made these several years back when the twins were in 4k. Making them for 50 kids was A. LOT. of work, y’all. A LOT!

Source: babble.com via Chelsi on Pinterest


Aid made these in K5. Except we used a chocolate heart for the nose. And we did them without bows.  And he glued everything himself. So they looked awesome.

Source: cafemom.com via norah on Pinterest


One year, I made candy and sprinkle dipped marshmallow pops for all 3 kids classrooms. I never wanted to see another marshmallow in my life (I hate marshmallows. Unless they are homemade chocolate dipped in hot cocoa).


Valentines cards aside, I enjoy doing little things for the kids. This year, I made chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast (totally flaked on the heart shape. Hey – it was early) and they got some little treats.

When they get home, I’ll have some treats waiting for them.

Here’s how we celebrated last year.


P.S. Check out this cute shirt I made Norah? Easy peasy!

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Does cupid strike?


Do you celebrate Valentines Day in any way?


How so?

This is shaping up to be one of my favorite weeks.  Not only do we have Valentines Day…

but also…

Mardi Gras!!

photo courtesy of Beloved | Robyn Vining

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It’s the simple things that count


I try and make Valentine’s Day a special day for my babies.  It starts with breakfast…

I made them heart shaped pancakes that had heart sprinkles in them.  They also had strawberries. And of course, chocolates.  I found those cute Valentine owl takeout containers in the dollar spot at Target and filled them with chocolate.
valentines snack for kids

When they got home from school, I had cake waiting for them (the inside was, of course, spotted with pink!). They giggled that it looked like a giant donut.

If you know me, you know that I love to decorate a pretty cake. Its taken me years to realize that my kids don’t care about pretty. They care about sprinkles. The more=the better.



For dinner, I made them each a heart shaped pizza (their favorite kind- margherita pizza!). Yeah, I could have made a homemade crust, but I opted to buy pre-bought crusts. Valentines eve, 1 child had jiu jitsu, and another had scouts, so they all ate at a different time. Premade crusts made it that much easier for mama.

Some call it a Hallmark Holiday. I call it spreading the love. It only takes a few simple things to make them incredibly happy on this day. So why not do it? Why not celebrate?

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crafty valentines for kids


My kids made their valentines this year, as they do most years.  I pinned a few ideas and then asked them to pick from those.  Here’s what they chose.


Owl Valentines

Give a hoot valentine, for my owl obsessed daughter, found here.

She picked out the paper colors and I traced the owl pattern and used a circle punch to do the eyes. She cut the owl out, drew on the face and eyes, glued the eyes on, and wrote cute, owl-y sayings on them.  I used my x-acto knife to cut the slots for the pencils and inserted them so that the cardstock wouldn’t rip.


Glow stick valentines

Glow stick valentines, for my 4th grader, found here.

Simple free printable that I did some simple editing to in Photoshop (4th grade boys do NOT want their valentines to say ‘love’). All he had to do was cut them out and sign them and bag them in cello bags (we found that was the easiest solution, as they wouldn’t stay attached).

bouncey ball valentines

Bouncy ball valentine, found here.

Another easy peasy free printable that the boy had to simply cut out and sign. He did the bagging, I did the stapling.

Check out some of these other fun ideas I pinned for Valentines Day (crafts, decor, foods, cards, etc).  I bigfatpuffyheart Pinterest!!!


Happy Valentines Day!

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Spread the love


Do you decorate for Valentines Day?

I never did until I had kids. Now its a fun holiday and I really enjoy getting into it… they love the little decorations {and by no means do I go overboard} and I love to do cute things for them on the day of, like themed meals. They’ll only allow me to do this for so long, I imagine 🙂


I am sure I will make a few more this week. I feel like some pennants/garland is in order….

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