Homemade [healthy-er] Irish cream


Who doesn’t like a nice glass of Bailey’s over ice for St. Paddy’s Day? I know I do. Growing up, my mom often made her own Bailey’s, using half+half, sweetened condensed milk, Hershey’s syrup, and whiskey (I actually think the super original version had raw eggs in it? ew). I’ve made it many times as an adult and while I can attest that its delicious, I recently wondered if I could go about making it healthier (if anything with 2 cups of whiskey and a quart of cream can be considered healthy?).

I was, indeed, successful!! Here’s what I came up with. Enjoy!! Of course, you can always go with the old school version, but I recommend you try the new + improved.

Here was my original recipe:
1 quart half + half
2 cans sweetened condensed milk
2 TB Hershey’s syrup
2 cups whiskey or brandy

Here’s my altered version. I really do think that using a grass-fed, pastured local half+half and a sweetened condensed milk made from coconut milk makes a difference in taste (superb) and the way you feel afterward (sweetened condensed milk doesn’t exactly make you feel great)

healthier irish cream via houseoftubers.com
1 quart grass-fed organicĀ half + half
28 ozs homemade sweetened condensed milk
2 TB organic chocolate syrup
2 cups whiskey or brandy

serve over ice + enjoy!

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