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We’ve entered the busy season of life where carving out time for one-on-one time with my children gets harder and harder. Despite that, I still try and find bits and pieces of time to do it, as its so important. Not only do I feel that it helps strengthen our bond together, I feel it helps ward off negative behaviors (early on, it was attention grabbing behaviors. now its moreso jealousy of other siblings). I also think it helps us get to really know them and gives them an avenue to confide in you, when the dinner table may not be the place they feel comfortable. And by doing something that really peaks their interest, whether it be reading at the library, biking around the neighborhood, or what have you, it shows them that we value them.

My 12 year old daughter, in particular, prefers shopping (even if its window shopping) and coffee dates to activity. Go figure (maybe its because she works out 16+ hours a week?). But I left it up to her that Sunday afternoon that her brothers were with my husband. As we left the house, she already had an extra skip in her step.

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When I do get the time to go on a date, I try and make sure that I am not habitually checking my phone. Because my phone functions as a clock, when I would go to check the time, there were times that I have been distracted by a notification and then…whoops…its precious minutes later. Minutes that surely could have waited. So when presented with the opportunity to review a wood watch from JORD, I jumped at the chance, with the thinking that if I had a watch, I wouldn’t have to dig my phone out of my purse at all. (Its been 13 years since I’ve worn a watch!)

My watch arrived, packaged carefully in this beautiful little wood crate.
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The watch I chose was the Ely in dark sandalwood and it was even more gorgeous in person than on the site.
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I have to admit, it took some time getting used to wearing a watch again. Not so much the feeling of it, but the habit of checking it, versus checking my phone. But after a few days, it became like second nature. And so far, after wearing it for a week, I’ve gotten compliments on it daily! And as a bonus, it coordinates so well with all my existing accessories.
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My wood watch from JORD is a gorgeous piece of jewelry that anyone would appreciate. And given the time of year, I’ll admit that it would make a wonderful holiday gift for that special someone, as well. And yes, they have them for men, too.

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Ladies Wooden Watches

shirt- Anthro | watch- Jord | hat- F21 | bracelets- Macy’s | necklace- Banana Republic | Sunglasses- Sak’s Off 5th

I was given this watch in exchange for a review. All thoughts an opinions are mine. No compensation was given.

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