Making a good impression at the dinner table


As a family, we are constantly working on our manners. I feel like I am constantly reminding my children about social manners, but even moreso, about table manners. I feel like dining with good manners is a way to make a (good or bad) lasting impression. Naturally, I want my children to practice good habits at home so that they become second nature when they are in public, and more importantly, when they are adults.

For the past year, I’ve had this print-out hanging in our kitchen. Several people have commented on it, so I thought with it being the holiday season, I would share our list of 10 basic manners. Feel free to print this basic table mannersPDF out for your own home.


1.Put your napkin in your lap.

2.No phones or other electronic devices allowed at the table. No answering them if they ring during a meal. TV stays off.

3.No eating until everyone is seated.

4.Always use your utensils.

5.Wait to talk until you are done chewing.

6.Chew with your mouth shut.

7.Keep your head up and out of your bowl/plate. You’re not an animal.

8.Ask to be excused before getting up.

9.Say thank you to the cook/host.

10.Always clean up after yourself.

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