Taco Tuesday


Oh hey! Its Taco Tuesday!  So ok, maybe this isn’t quite a taco. But maybe it’s the taco’s sibling? Or cousin? The quesadilla.

Sure, some of you are probably like, “Hey. I don’t need a recipe for a quesadilla. Slap some cheese on a tortilla and you’re ready to go.”  But this, my dear friends, is a grilled quesadilla (also known as “made on the BBQ”, for those of you strange people who call it that).

grilled quesadilla on the BBQ at houseoftubers.com

Like the old school quesadilla, this one is super easy dinner to make. My family likes it because we can stuff it with whatever we like. Prior to making these, my husband grilled up 2 chicken breasts so that he and the kids could have chicken on theirs. I opened up a can of black beans and heated about 1/4 of the can up with some cumin, chili powder, and cilantro. And I grated an 8oz block of sharp cheddar (I personally think that if you have a food processor, this is the way to go. Its way more flavorful than that powder coated pre-shredded bagged cheese). Some of us tossed on some sliced tomatoes and I mixed in a little salsa into my beans before adding them to my quesadilla.

Before making your quesadilla, you’ll want to coat the outsides of the tortilla in olive oil. Please do not use a spray like Pam. Your quesadilla will be soggy (ok, unless you like droopy quesadillas. then go right ahead). Assemble your quesadilla on a giant cutting board or something similar that makes it easy to slide off of and onto your grill (erm, BBQ).

When its ready to flip, we’ve found that, unless you have a quesadilla sized turner, the easiest way is to slide it onto a plate, cover with another plate, flip, uncover, and slide back onto the hot grill.

When its done, enjoy with a side of salsa, guacamole, or sour cream, if that’s your thing. Be sure to enjoy a beverage, too, like a margarita or a coconut la croix with crushed ice (tastes like a pina colada, y’all).


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