The perfect black jogger


Athleta moved into a mall about 5 min from my house a little less than a year ago, and I’ve been loving their store ever since. Prior to their arrival, I paid little to no attention to their catalogue when it would arrive, mainly due to the price tags on the items in it. I am a bit frugal when it comes to clothing. However, once I got to touch the fabric and try on the items, I fell in love.

Specifically, I fell in love with their sports bras, the Asana tank (I have it in multiple colors…its such a flattering cut), and the City Pant. But for some reason, I couldn’t bring myself to pay $80 for a pair of joggers. That was last summer. I spent months searching other stores for similar pairs and nothing fit like the City Pant did. They were all droopy in the butt or would get saggy knees, or were just generally ill fitting. I finally decided that since I still was in love with them months later, the cost was justifiable. And I bought them. And I love love love them. They are so soft and stretchy and can be worn dressed up or down. I would think nothing of dressing these up at night with some heels and jewelry and wearing them out. This particular outfit, dressed down and paired with the Athleta Essence Low Arm tank, was worn for a day out walking the dog and duckpin bowling with my kids.



I feel the need to mention that I don’t have back fat. Even though it looks like I do. I don’t know what is going on. But I guess I am vain enough that I need to mention it.


This post in no way is affiliated with or sponsored by Athleta. I just felt the need to express my love for their product.

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second guessing


Afternoons like today make me stop and think… did we make a mistake in selling our last home. Our (much larger) home that was on an acre and a half of land. We had hills. We had fields.

Today, my kids did not whine for electronics. Today, they caught toads in a stream. They caught fireflies. They jumped the stream. They built a bonfire. They played on tire swings. They experienced the type of childhood I had. And it was amazing.






But then I remembered…today would not have happened had we not moved to where we are now. We have an amazing community. So I guess we’ll just have to work a little harder at finding our adventures.

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Friday Links


Whoever said that summer is chill is a complete liar. And I haven’t even overbooked my kids!

Last night, I ran an annual 5k “fun run” with some friends. I haven’t seriously run in 3 years, so I wasn’t sure how I’d do or if I could complete it. But I agreed to do it because this race kicks off a weekend street festival and you run through the city streets at night, with the lights of the Milwaukee skyline and its just awesome to listen to all the bar and restaurant patrons cheering you on. About a half mile in, I remembered why I stopped running. About 2 miles in, I thought I was going to die. Today, my knees hurt like a mofo. Yep…running sucks. Give me a hard anaerobic workout anyway. There’s even research to back me up.

Parenting a tween. Its like parenting jeckyl and hyde. One day, its freaking amazing and fun. And the next day, well, you’re researching boarding schools. Let’s just say that I can add about 50 good extra bullet points to this article.

Food for thought: Helicopter parenting is increasingly correlated with college age depression

I’ve been increasingly listening to podcasts when I’m (always) in the car. I’ve not listened to any of these, but thought this was interesting. Nine Podcasts For a Fuller Life

A great article about natural sunscreen. We made the switch this past spring break, and finally settled on some brands we love this summer (Honest Co, Babyganics, and Arbonne).

Happy Friday, everyone. Have a fabulous weekend. I am looking forward to greeting this girl on late Saturday night when she comes home from Karolyi’s Camp in Houston!!

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The myth of the stay at home mom


So many blog posts and online articles allude to the stay at home mom being 1 of 2 things. Either she is frumpy and doesn’t take care of herself and spends her day in yoga pants and hoodies, but certainly doesn’t do anything even close to yoga. Or she’s fashion forward and dressed to the nines, complete with stilettos and pants so damn tight that I can’t figure out how she can play with her kids or pick up a toy, much less bend down to grab something off the shelf at a store. And then there’s her home – either she has a messy house and sticky floors, laundry piles and a dirty kitchen – because that CLEARLY means she is a good mom and has happy kids, or she keeps a clean home and apparently, spends no time with her children at all.

I’ve got to tell you folks…there are people all over the spectrum. Some of us stay at home folk? We are excellent moms, we do tons of activities with our kids, and on top of that, we prefer a tidy house. Of course, that’s just me, but every time I see that sign about happy kids and good moms and dirty homes, I want to burn it.

And clothes? I’ll admit that I love to get dressed up when I go out for lunch or coffee or even to run certain errands (like if I am headed to the mall). But other than that? If you’ve seen me around town, you know that I don’t have time to get gussied up. I get up in the morning and take my dog to the park and then head to the gym and after the gym, its time to get shit done. Showering and getting prettied just eat into my day. So yes…I run my errands makeup-free and in my smelly gym clothes. And you know what? I am more productive when I am not all dressed up. If I am in my workout clothes, I am in constant movement mode. If I am in nice clothes, I am much less inclined to tackle a project around the house, clean, garden, etc etc.

no makeup, except for smudged traces of yesterday's eyeliner, day old hair pulled back

no makeup, except for smudged traces of yesterday’s eyeliner, day old hair pulled back

You may call it frumpy. I call it maximizing my day and being real.
Besides, my butt looks good in the shorts.
FullSizeRender (25)

Once in a great while, I will shower and get dressed, though. But this is about as fancy as I get.

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Preserving memories


I try to avoid clutter at any cost. I don’t like to hang onto things. I guess it stems from the 5 different homes I lived in as a child and the 13 times I’ve moved as an adult. Regardless of that, sometimes life happens, resulting in clutter. Take for example, my kids artwork. I wasn’t sure what to hang onto and what to toss, so I figured I’d go through it at a later date. 11 years later, I had enough artwork to fill our entire recycling bin. Whoops.

In figuring out what to toss and what to keep, I came across this idea on Pear Tree Greetings. Perfect. It only required me sorting through all the kids artwork and deciding what was gallery wall worthy. For my gallery wall that I’ve been putting off for the past 4 years (procrastinate much?)

gallery wall-kid art

I was so happy with the quality of the metal wall sign that I ordered another.
gallery wall-4-2

And some photos, as well. May as well get that gallery wall up and running finally.
gallery wall-family photo

gallery wall -hallway

gallery wall-canvas
one of my fave photos I took years ago when we were up north

gallery wall-golden gate

gallery wall-2

gallery wall-kid canvas
I even hung some of the kids canvases they painted in art class

gallery wall-long hall
I tried to be intentional with every piece I hung, I didn’t want to hang stuff just to have crap on the wall…most are from our vacations and there are photos of all the kids cousins up there, as well.

I still have the other side of the hallway to do, but don’t want to hang too much, as the hall is very narrow and long. I’ve got some more snapshots of artwork and need to do another art collage, though. I am so incredibly happy with how it turned out and love that I can look at their art that they’ve made over the years.

gallery wall-metal wall art

Disclaimer: As a Pearista, I get the chance to review products for Pear Tree Greetings. I do not get compensated to post my review/opinion but I do get free product to review. All opinions are my own.
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