Its the pits


In an attempt to be more conscious of what I put not just in, but also on my body, I started a bit of a beauty detox. It started many years ago when I made the switch to sulfate and paraben free shampoo. Around that time, I started paying attention to what I was putting on my face, as well. But if you had told me a year ago that I would be using natural deodorant, I would have scoffed at you. I always made it abundantly clear that I would try anything natural, but you’d have to pry my super strong clinical strength antiperspirant from my cold, dead hands.

But here I am. In this past year, I’ve tried oil pulling, facial oils, and made the switch to an all- natural (aluminum-free) deodorant.  So let’s talk pits, shall we?

My first attempt was with Jason. I tried this Aloe Vera one only because it was what I bought for my daughter. The scent was nice, but it was so wet feeling. That, and it was early summer and with the first heat wave came the buckets o’ sweat.  Jason and I, we just didn’t get off on the right foot. So it was back to the old trusted anti-perspirant I went.

A month or so later, I kept hearing things about Primal Pit Paste. Everyone who tried it was singing its praises. Since it came in sample size pots, I figured, “what the heck?”  So I ordered some pots in regular and extra strength and began my stinky journey. My very stinky, sweaty journey.
primal pit paste

Everything I read in blog posts and in reviews said that people adapted quickly. As in days. Maybe a week. So as counterintuitive as it is to go with the thought that doing something good results in something so awful (OMG. The stink. The sweat), I persevered.

Given that it was summer and that I am a sweaty gal, I started with the extra strength. I did develop a bit of a rash, but instead of backing down, I hopped back online and ordered Pit Primer. It did the trick.

A week passed. Then two. Then three. Then four. And I was still sweaty and smelly as all hell. I was almost ready to throw in the towel, but then reminded myself that I had been clogging my sweat glands with anti-perspirant for almost 30 years. Oh…but then? That’s when I got swollen lymph nodes. For real. Nothing like a few swollen nodes to throw you for a loop. I freaked out (cancer! cancer!), but then did a little research and decided to take a bath in Epsom salts and try and massage them a bit.

Apparently, when you give your body a break from pore-clogging anti-perspirants, your body may do some spring cleaning. And the baking soda in natural deodorants can help move that cleanse along and draw the toxins out.

Finally…the light at the end of the rainbow. One day, I realized that I woke up in the morning and I didn’t stink to high heaven. And I wasn’t having to reapply deodorant half-way through the day anymore. And some days, I could even go without deodorant (what? what?!). Yes. I no longer stink. My body has adapted and I am SOLD.

I still use the Pit Primer daily. I shave my underarms every morning, so I apply to avoid any irritation. Once I used up my strong pot of Jacked up Jasmine, I got a stick of Lemongrass and Thyme and have been loving that scent and the convenience of the stick. I’ve also purchased the Lemonade for my daughter and the Royal + Rouge for my boys. I’m a total convert.

So why did I share my tales of stank?

Because if anyone out there is teetering on the edge or is scared, there’s no reason not to be. If I can make it through, so can you. You can do this!! I still have all my friends, too ;)

(this post is not sponsored in any way shape or form).

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Monday musings


Good morning and hello Monday!!

Here’s a great thought to start your week

This weekend, my husband casually mentioned that he’s finally ready to start taking on home projects again. Mainly finishing up things that need to be finished. Like the bathroom door. He said, “you know, since the bathroom has been finished since October.”

I gave him a sideeye and corrected him…the bathroom has been finished since October 2013. He was flabbergasted. Really? It has been that long? We’ve really had a half-working door for more than a year? (yes, yes we have). Needless to say, I was happy to hear him say that he’s ready to take on a few projects again. Not that I am helpless, but I am not very construction-inclined and my plate is damn full.

As a side note, thanks to several shares around the internet, my bathroom has been shared almost 5k times. I’ve had many requests for plans for the vanity and unfortunately, I don’t have any. I found a picture of what I wanted and made some modifications and then asked a carpenter to build it, since my husband works 60-80 hrs a week. I appreciate those asking, though!

In other news, here are some things I’ve been enjoying around the internet recently:

This Babble article about mean moms on the internet. Generally I avoid reading comments when I know they’ll be negative. Why do people feel the need to be so nasty online?

This podcast on This American Life about internet trolls.

Think before you tweet. How one tweet changed her life. That shit is out there forever, people.

A completely honest and raw piece on marriage by Girl’s Gone Child.

The internet has their undies in a bundle about 50 Shades of Grey. Why? I mean, you don’t see this kind of uproar over other movies that deal with controversial or less than desirable topics, like kidnapping, rape, abuse, terrorism, corruption, and the list goes on. BDSM may not be your thing, but if a woman consents to it and wants to do it with her partner, then so be it. That’s her choice and she should not be made to feel guilty or “sinful” for her desires or things she takes pleasure in. This article is interesting. It asks about normal and who defines it.

Why are people so obsessed over things like the Serial podcast? I listened to it but kinda felt weird taking pleasure in getting entertainment from a dead girl’s unsolved murder.

If you haven’t discovered Awesomely Luvvie yet, you’re missing out.

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Insta-Friday, Valentines Edition


Its been a long time since I’ve participated in one of these. But what the hey…

I got my hair cut. I am still in the growing-out-pixie phase, so I have some layers that are a little weird. I took in a collage of photos and asked if I could do a bit of an angled cut that would allow me to do some cute beachy waves. She gave it to me.

And I haven’t been able to replicate the beachy waves since then. GAH.

If you’re gluten free, do yourself a favor and go buy the America’s Test Kitchen GF cookbook. They haven’t steered me wrong so far. And these cookies? OMG. So good. Even the raw dough (yes, of course. duh) was spot on.

These kids. They are pretty amazing.

First place!

5th on vault, 7th all-around in her first level 6 meet (and she just moved up in January)

He rocked his performance on Spiderhead. The full video is here.
Can I just take a second to brag on this child? Every day when I listen to him practice, I am amazed and blown away by how natural music comes to him. I have no clue where he gets it from, because neither his father nor I can read music. This child is first chair percussion in the school band and is taking private lessons at a very prestigious place, and he also takes piano and guitar lessons outside of school. And his desire to learn music doesn’t end there. He has plans to play more instruments and I don’t doubt he will. He also has grand plans to attend Stanford or Northwestern, and I don’t doubt he will, either.

Husband and I attended a charity event that benefitted our district’s education foundation. Husband geeked out to get his photo taken with his favorite news broadcaster, who is one of our high school’s alums.

Somehow, a ski trip to Colorado or Utah turned into this…

Which, in retrospect, is good, given that we’ve had a pretty subzero winter. And Thursday cannot come soon enough. My kids are irritated that we’re going without them, but hey…you have to do what you have to do. Its important for our marriage. Plus we’re taking them on multiple trips this year.

Happy Friday, y’all!! Does anyone have fun Valentine plans with their kids/family/spouse?

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All about the brows


Let me start off by saying that I am not an expert. Nor am I a beauty blogger. But I am a woman who likes to look her best.  And until this past year, I never realized that I was not doing myself any favors in the brow area.

When I recently switched from my hairdresser to an esthetician who solely focuses on waxing, I had an eye opening moment.  She let me know that my brow was ok, but not ideal…it was too thin and it wasn’t following my natural brow OR starting and ending in the right place, either.

How did I get to this point? How did I come from my days of caterpillar almost mono-brow to over-plucked, thin, short brows? No use lamenting, but I will stack it up to lack of proper knowledge. Now let’s fix this shiz!

naked brows

I explained to my esthetician how I bought this product called ‘Brow Zings’ by BeneFit, but I didn’t love it – I didn’t think it was easy to use and I didn’t think it looked great, either. She explained to me that its important to not only find a product that you are comfortable using (not necessarily one that everyone else hypes up), but to also see yourself in photos to ensure that your brow looks natural and not like a drawn on brow.  She also explained that my eyebrows really needed brow pencil, despite their color. I was always under the impression that they were fine, because they were dark. But she explained how they help accentuate your eyes and how its beneficial to give them a boost.

So off I went… I settled on ‘Brow Wiz’ by Anastasia and I love it. Its easy to use and looks good. And well, it makes a difference, don’t you think?
one brow done
(one brow done)



So do you do anything to play up your brows? Do you maintain them with any plucking, waxing, sugaring, threading, or what have you?
do your brows

Now if I could just get rid of my eye wrinkles and laugh lines. I take such careful care of my skin and invest a lot of money in it and I am not embracing these new additions to it! GAH!


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Let’s talk about juicing


Errrrryone’s doing it.

Let me back up here.
I got a juicer last year for Christmas and its likely the most used gift, aside from my 17 year old Cuisinart food processor, that I’ve ever used. I juice several times a week. I love that I can get so many fresh fruits and veggies into my body through one drink….and some veggies that I wouldn’t necessarily eat, at that.

But juice cleanses? No bueno, people.

Granted, I am not a nutritionist. But what I do have is years of knowledge from counseling and from nutritionists. And I know what this fad does to your body.

1- You’re depriving your body of sufficient calories, especially those in protein and healthy fats. What happens when you do this is your body goes into starvation mode. This means it hoards every single calorie that you consume. When this happens, your body begins to break down muscle instead of fat. Your metabolism slows down.

2- You’re depriving your body of fiber. You’re “detoxifying” your body, but you’re not giving your body any means (fiber) by which to rid the toxins.

3- You think you’re losing weight? Wrong. Its all water weight.

People. Losing weight is not an overnight thing. Its not easy and its not quick. And detoxifying or cleansing? Guess what? Our kidneys and liver are great at doing that all on their own. If you want to give them a jump start, consider cutting out foods like refined sugar, caffeine, and alcohol for a period of time. Cut out the processed foods and soda. It may not be easy or quick, but its what works.

It KILLS me to see “fitness minded” people posting these expensive juice cleanses all over the internet and people following in their footsteps, thinking its the right thing to do. ITS NOT.

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